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True confession…Rose-HarborI am an unabashed “Mainiac”! Call it a “state of mind”, a throwback to an earlier time or whatever… Maine is a unique and special place. Whether it is the endless subjects relating to the sea, the classic Maine barns or the repeating seasonal rhythms of glorious Fall or the overlooked, quiet, reflective quality of Winter…

Maine begs to be photographed…over and over again!

A primary emphasis in my photography is on subjects from everyday life … these are often overlooked, but can be a remarkable source of great beauty that can engage us both visually and emotionally.

Applying an “artful eye” to these everyday subjects can produce exciting images that are impressionistic, “moody” or just different from the norm.

If you are also interested in non traditional subjects, check out the portfolios for “Urban Design” and “Abstract”… They are definitely worth the look!


Bill Paul

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